This week Wrist game proper is Dominique ‘Bow” Tayllor. Dominique Tayllor young  model that is taking the modeling world by storm. Growing up she always had the urge to breakout and find herself. She often thought of herself as the “ugly duckling” until she realized her hidden talent…THIS GIRL CAN STRUT! Mentored by her extraordinary Fashion Father (Dramatik of Dramatik Fanatic The Collection)

Dominique has learned what it takes to be a model in this competitive world. Described by many as having a European walk with an urban twist, Dominique always continues to perfect her walk. With Just a few months experience in the game Dominique is ready to take it to the top. She has been featured in 20 shows so far and this is only the beginning. This is one model who keeps it strictly professional and will never forget where she’s came from.


Shes beautiful, Sexy and elegant all rolled up in one package. If you like what you see and you want to support and be kept informed of all her future endeavors Click this link to like her Facebook fan page.

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